Publishing house “Fan Noli” is the first private publishing house in Albania, created in May 1991; it is one of the largest publishers in Albania, the leading positions on the Albanian book market. We produce almost all genres of books for a wide audience.
The basic principle of our work provide the reader with the largest possible selection of literature relevant to his personal and professional interests. We constantly introduce our readers to new books, discovering new names and works. Until this moment we have published more than 2000 titles.

Books published by us, win the best seats in literary competitions and awarded prestigious literary awards; we publish almost foreign classics and Albanian authors. Publishing house “Fan Noli” collaborates with major foreign literary agencies – we are always informed about the world of literary trends, important for us to share them with the reader.


In our portfolio copyright biggest names: winners of literary awards, the most popular and fashion writers, media stars, actors, television presenters and journalists, politicians and public figures. Among them : M. Proust, J.P. Sartre, A. Camus, F. Kafka, E.M. Remarque, J. Galsworthy, D. Steel, A. S. Pushkin, F. Dostoyevsky, Ch. Dickens, M. Yan, T. Dreiser, A. Verbeke, S. Zweig S. Freud, C. G. Jung, E. Fromm, F. Nietzsche, M. Horkheimer, M. Weber, L. Wittgenstein, A. Adler, Confucius, Osho, G. Le Bon, A. P. Chekhov, J. Austen, O. Kemal, A. H. Tanpinar, R. N. Guntekin, M. Levy, A. Tunch, E. Vahapoglu, etc.

Among Albanian authors we do publish works by: A. Puto, A. Mero, N. Cabej, J. De Rada, Sh. Bali, S. Limani, E. Shallvari, Th. Naqo, I. Beqiri, V. Peshkepia, A. Kolea etc.

Today Publishing house “Fan Noli”
– Has strong editorial team ;
– Publishes Intelligent and entertaining literature;
– The most recent trends in the book market ;
– Saving the world’s intellectual heritage;
– World bestsellers ;
Yearly we do publish more than 100 new books.

We are always working for our readers and are committed to offering you only the best books of different genres and styles.